Teaching Excellence Center (TEX)

A. Mission

  • The CENTER integrates various university resources, creates a platform for the advancing of teaching and learning, and provides an environment to assist teachers in their professional development and students in their leanings.


  • To call awareness of the core values of teaching and to put teaching evaluation system into action.
  • To enhance teaching skills of teachers and advance their professional level.
  • To promote a state-of-the-art course development.
  • To develop a learning network for strengthening the interactions between teachers and their students.
  • To implement e-learning resources in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • To broaden the international perspectives of teachers and students.


▲ Organizational Structure

D. Services

Division of Planning and Research Ext. 2258

  • 1. To plan strategies for advancing teaching and learning quality;
  • 2. To plan the goals, the core-policy, action plan of the year, assessment plan and the development of TEX.

Division of Teacher Development Ext. 2253

  • 1. To develop E-learning and multimedia teaching materials;
  • 2. To offer teaching resources and consultation services;
  • 3. To plan the YunTech Innovation Expo.

Division of Learning Promotion Ext. 2254

  • 1. To promote the learning counseling network;
  • 2. To cultivate self - controlled learning ability;
  • 3. To promote inclusive learning resources to assist student learning. Services include:
    • (1) Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Seminar;
      (2) Reading club;
      (3) Student learning workshops, etc.


  • Locate at the first floor of administrative building (AD107).
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